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Provider and therefore responsible for the business-related website according to Section 5 of the Telemedia Act in its capacity as key law for the Electronic Commerce Standardisation Act - German designation (ElGVG) and the Law for the Regulation of the General Conditions for Information and Communication Services (IuKDG), is humedica Brasil represented by its Managing Director André Luiz Barros da Silva.

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humedica Brasil attaches great importance to the security of the user data and the compliance with data protection law. The collection, processing and usage of personal data are amenable to the regulations of the current law and the EU Data Protection Directive.

In accordance with Section 3 Para. 1 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) personal data are defined as individual information about personal or objective affairs of a specified or specifiable natural person.

Personal affairs: for example name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, nationality, profession, medical data, religious confession etc.

Objective affairs: for example income, financial situation, property etc.

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Note: Utilisation of donations

humedica Brasil will use donated funds, which go beyond the financing of the projects presented on this website, for other statutory tasks. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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